Esf Tools - New updates

Subdomain community launchpad

At, we're passionate about building strong, interconnected communities. Our mission is to help organizations and individuals harness the power of subdomains to strengthen their online presence and facilitate web 3 communities.

As we continue to innovate and expand our platform, we're seeking support for future contract deployments and community onboarding initiatives. By contributing to our project, you'll be playing a vital role in the growth and evolution of, empowering us to make a lasting impact on the online landscape.

We have a new collaboration between and to allow users to manage esf domain text records. We now cross link and our users can manage all of their text and avatar records.

We're also proud that blurfarm.eth chose to use our platform with our renting functionality for their tokens. This is the first community with a subscription model to use

We have some new features to be released soon, including minting to alternate addresses and bulk minting for owners as well as some significant backend improvements for our database / api.