Ens Scout

Empowering Ownership and Decentralized Governance for Subdomains

Our Objectives:

Our project aims to achieve the following objectives: a) Develop ENS Tooling: We will build a robust and intuitive website that allows users to search, register, and manage ENS domains and subdomains in bulk. ENS Scout will offer an intuitive user interface, streamlined registration process, and comprehensive domain management tools.

b) Implement Subdomain DAOs: We will integrate a subdomain DAO framework within ENS Scout, enabling users to establish and govern decentralized autonomous organizations for their subdomains. This feature will empower communities to make collective decisions regarding subdomain operations, content management, and governance rules. This will also allow users to decentralize ownership of their ENS name allowing for community governance of a name.

c) Bulk Subdomain Registration: Implement, and integrate Bulk Subdomain registration on the ENS scout platform.

Project Activities:

To accomplish our objectives, we have outlined the following activities: a) Website Development: Our team of experienced developers will create ENS Scout, employing modern web development frameworks to ensure scalability, security, and usability. The platform will offer features such as bulk domain search, registration, renewal, and management, along with a user-friendly dashboard.

b) Subdomain DAO Integration: The Subdomain DAO Integration aims to enable the creation of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for ENS domains, specifically focusing on subdomains. By implementing this integration, users will have the ability to establish DAOs for their ENS domains, allowing for collective decision-making and governance. For instance, users can wrap their ENS domain, instantly creating a subdomain such as DAO.name.eth. A custom entry price is set, where users pay the entry fee (e.g., 1 ETH each) to obtain a subdomain. The funds collected can be directed either to the DAO treasury or to the creator of the DAO. This model allows for the sale of partial ownership of each ENS domain, granting users a stake in the domain and facilitating the creation of exclusive communities, such as Discord channels, under the brand associated with the subdomain. Voting mechanisms are implemented to decide on offers for wrapped names, ensuring democratic decision-making within the DAO. Ultimately, each user receives a proportionate share (e.g., 1/420) of the proceeds generated from the sale.

c) User Testing and Feedback: We will conduct extensive user testing to gather feedback and improve the user experience of ENS Scout. This iterative process will help us refine the platform, address any usability issues, and ensure that it meets the needs of a diverse range of users.

d) Community Outreach and Education: We will organize educational workshops, webinars, and online resources to promote the adoption of ENS domains and the utilization of subdomain DAOs. These initiatives will provide users with the necessary knowledge and guidance to leverage the power of decentralized governance within the ENS ecosystem.

Project Timeline:

Month 1:

Project Planning and Requirements Gathering: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the technical requirements and specifications for integrating the Subdomain DAO feature into the ENS Scout platform. Design DAO Governance Model: Collaborate with experts in decentralized governance to design a robust and customizable governance model for the Subdomain DAOs, including voting mechanisms, treasury management, and user participation. Development of Subdomain DAO Feature: Allocate resources to develop and implement the Subdomain DAO feature within the ENS Scout platform. This includes creating the functionality for wrapping ENS names, setting the custom entry price, and enabling the creation of DAOs for subdomains.

Month 2:

Smart Contract Development and Integration: Develop smart contracts that facilitate the ownership distribution, voting mechanisms, and treasury management for the Subdomain DAOs. Integrate the developed Subdomain DAO feature and smart contracts into the ENS Scout platform.

Testing and User Feedback: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the functionality, security, and usability of the Subdomain DAO feature. Engage a group of users to test the feature and gather valuable feedback. Iterate and refine the feature based on user input to enhance user experience and address any usability issues.

Documentation and Knowledge Transfer: Prepare comprehensive documentation outlining the Subdomain DAO feature's functionality, usage guidelines, and technical details. Conduct knowledge transfer sessions with the development team and stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition for future maintenance and updates.