Arabic ENS Hub -

Arabic ENS Educational Hub

I am proud to announce the launch of, a comprehensive ENS platform designed specifically for Arabic speakers worldwide. Our aim is to create a centralized hub that caters to all your ENS needs, providing a seamless experience tailored to the Arabic-speaking community.

The Arabic-speaking population exceeds 400 million across 13 diverse countries worldwide. Approximately 20-25% of these individuals live near or below the poverty line. Thus, it becomes crucial to engage these potential Web3 users to facilitate global adoption. By empowering these underserved communities, we can make a significant and transformative difference in their lives and provide them with a fair chance to thrive in the emerging technological revolution.

The website is currently offering:

  • ENS educational videos
  • Arabic ENS Telegram group
  • Other useful tools such as the Arabic ENS Sales Bot (on Twitter) and more to be built.

Check out my latest video about the ENS new App.:

I already started my Arabic YouTube channel over a year ago and grew it: • From 0 to over 12K Views • Over 750 hours of watched time on my videos Highlights: • Targeting Young People: 96.3% of the Viewers ages between 18-34Y • Targeting Middle East: Top 2 viewers' cities are in the Middle East. • Organic Traffic: Top 3 sources of traffic are Browsing Youtube, External (Twitter, Google, Telegram, WhatsApp..), Youtube Search.

My goal is to arrange my content in a well-structured manner, ensuring effective categorization. The website will remain freely accessible to users worldwide, without any charges.