10 articles on daotimes.com over 70 days

Grant to DAO Times for the Commission of Unbiased Reporting on ENS DAO - 10 Articles Over 70 days


We are applying for 0.7 ETH to compensate a reporter who will deeply research the ENS DAO community. This reporter will report for DAO Times on all major ENS DAO events, proposals, grants, and discussions over the course of 70 days (one article per week). In total, he will publish 50 articles on the ENS DAO. Each article will contain a prominently displayed note that it was funded by ENS DAO with a link. We will also include these notes in our tweets, mentioning ENS Twitter account.


We believe in the potential of DAOs to transform the world, and we’re committed to exploring this potential through our reporting. Our selfish goal is to delve deep into DAOs, to study them and to describe our observations transparently. However, to maintain our comprehensive coverage, we need to compensate our reporters adequately, which we currently can’t do due to our non-profit status. You won’t see a single banner ad or pop-up that will prevent the audience from reading the content.

I personally committed almost all my savings to building DAO Times. Even my family and friends call me a fool, but I believe in what I do. I believe that initiatives like DAO Times are making the world a better place. So I am asking you to help us with a grant donation to pay the reporter for 70 days of work. We guarantee that he will deeply research the ENS DAO and publish 50 unbiased articles about the DAO.

Why might you want to do this? Because it’s important for a DAO to get the press to write about it regularly. That way the DAO gets more exposure, influence and attracts new contributors.

Importantly, receiving this grant won’t compromise our editorial independence. Our coverage will remain objective and uninfluenced by the source of funding.

To summarize, we see this as a win-win opportunity for both of us, and for the DAO community. We get to do what we love while diving deeper into learning about the DAO industry. We attract new builders to the DAO niche and promote decentralization in general which is our mission. You get more publicity, which in any case certainly benefits your whole community. You also get an independent perspective on your DAO, which will help you take a bird’s eye view and become a better DAO.

Our proposal is about more than just funding — it’s about fostering a healthy, transparent, and diverse discourse around DAOs.

We hope you’ll consider supporting our initiative.



An average article on the website gets around 100 views with the top one reaching almost 4000 views. Our Twitter has 4100 followers and an average article gets around 500 impressions, with the top one reaching almost 30000 impressions. Our newsletter has 380 subscribers, with 79% of them engaged in the last 30 days. These are not big numbers, but we are growing, and our audience consists solely of DAO builders.


  • Founder - Makoto Takahiro
  • News Reporter - Saudu Clement
  • Technical Writer - Jyotirmoy Barman
  • DAO Advisor - Edward Moon
  • Communications Consultant - BoredInvesting


Steps to Implement

  1. Develop an editorial calendar outlining the topics and timeline for the 50 articles.
  2. The reporter begins researching and writing the articles.
  3. Review, edit, and publish the articles on DAO Times.
  4. Promote each article on DAO Times’ Twitter profile.
  5. Encourage community members to provide suggestions for improvements or ideas for future reporting.


The project will commence immediately upon receiving approval and funding, and will run for a period of 70 days.

Overall Cost

0.7 ETH to compensate the reporter.

Why we created DAO Times

DAO Times is a response to the growing need for an inclusive platform within the decentralized organizations landscape. In the existing crypto media, sensationalist news often obscures significant developments in the DAO ecosystem, while smaller outlets mostly recycle content from larger platforms. This lack of original and insightful coverage undervalues the efforts of dedicated DAO builders, stifling innovation and growth.

Our broader objective is to challenge the status quo and inspire people to embrace decentralization, thus creating democratic and collaborative communities, ultimately contributing to a more conscious and compassionate world.

Here are some testimonials from DAO builders and decentralization enthusiasts:

  • “I believe you’re bringing great value to your community members, educating and informing them about DAOs.” (Libertas Finance)
  • “I am very impressed. Your coverage of the DAO ecosystem is thorough, timely, well-researched, and fair.” (Frisson)
  • “Good job with this website you’re running. Keep the good work, and thanks for spending your time this way” (mazafaka.eth)
  • “We commend the work you are doing to push the Web3 industry forward. Keep up the great work” (Cindicator)
  • “Fascinated with the quality of content and every story around DAO shared” (Subham Surana)
  • The best content around DAOs that I’ve seen (Utkarsh|Schrodingrrr.eth)
  • “Your work in this space is already fantastic! Thank you for what you do” (Jawna.ETH)
  • “Love that you’re reporting what’s going on in various DAOs!”(Adventurous Ape)
  • “DAO times is one of my favorite media in the DAO ecosystem” (Kiyoaki)
  • “Love the work you are doing to build cool things in web3” (Accelchain)
  • “The concept of DAO Times looks really amazing!” (Nihar Thummar)
  • “I enjoy their coverage of DAO-related topics thus far.” (Stn)
  • “This a great work that you’re doing” (Gino Cingolani)
  • “DAO times is extremely good” (artdapp1)

Additional Note

The proposal for a dedicated reporter at DAO Times for ENS DAO complements the existing ENS DAO Newsletter, each serving different audiences and needs. While the ENS DAO Newsletter provides bi-weekly summary updates tailored for the internal ENS DAO community, the proposed series of articles would cater to a wider audience, including those outside of the current DAO community.

These in-depth, investigative pieces would offer an independent perspective on the workings of the ENS DAO, helping to enhance visibility, and invite new contributors. With their distinct approaches and audiences, these two resources will work together to provide a comprehensive, accessible, and multi-faceted coverage of ENS DAO.