Avatar Sync

Auto-sync your Twitter avatar to ENS

So, what's AvatarSync all about?

AvatarSync is a tool that introduces a whole new level of convenience for ENS users. It allows your ENS avatar to automatically reflect your current Twitter profile picture with a single initial transaction. No more manual updates, no more inconsistencies – it's all about effortless synchronization.

Why does this matter?

Time and cost savings. By automating the process of updating your ENS avatar with your Twitter profile picture, we are eliminating those unnecessary gas costs associated with manual updates. Not to mention, we're freeing up the time you'd spend doing this manually.

What's the vision?

While Twitter is our starting point, we don't plan to stop there. We aim to extend AvatarSync's capabilities to other popular social platforms, creating an all-in-one synchronization tool for all your digital avatars.