ENS Integration for WordPress w/ RainbowKit Login

Sign-In With Ethereum experience & ENS text record syncing for WordPress using RainbowKit

RainbowKit Login for WordPress is a full-featured, open source, and easy to use integration layer that empowers builders to leverage the composability of Ethereum, ENS, and L2s on a WordPress site. The project prioritizes extensible, test-driven, and secure code.


WordPress powers a huge chunk of the web. Unlocking integrations between WordPress and web3 represents a major opportunity for usage. RainbowKit Login supports Sign-In With Ethereum and ENS text record syncing. Plugin users can map ENS text records to WordPress user meta. For example, a site administrator could have a mapping such as this:


Since RainbowKit Login for WordPress also supports token-gating and assigning roles to users based on ERC-1155 holdings, a DAO could use RainbowKit Login to run a fully automated & permissionless WordPress site for its operations.

RainbowKit Login is built in public by a single developer in collaboration with the communities that the plugin serves – WordPress users, ENS adopters, and the whole web3 universe. Specifically, I have sought feedback from the ENS DAO and SIWE Community Server and can point to features like the plugin's ENS text records sync which are a direct result of those collaborations.