social search for online communities (with ENS)

We have a big problem in web3.

I want to find real friends in onchain communities, but all we have is overwhelming amount of discord servers and nft-platforms that nobody can keep up with. Just to find someone who does similar things like me onchain, I have to spend weeks digging through channels and websites, and still, I hardly understand confidently who I should connect with.

I want to fix that. I want to find real friends onchain.

There is good news for me and others like me, though. Because web3 offers composable platforms, composable protocols, composable tooling, and of course, composable communities.

So I made Garden3: social search for online communities.

And ENS is used as the main social identifier for this. Almost as if, ENS is everyone's web3 username :)

Here is How it works:

  1. You go to
  2. You put in the ENS (or address) of anyone that's included in the garden3's curated network of onchain communities. (currently 28,000+ members from 16 legit onchain communities is included in the garden3 network)
  3. You hit the FIND FRIENDS button, and voila.
  • You see Top 5 onchain-friends of the ENS you just entered, matched on the basis of similarity of your and their onchain acitivities.
  • If you're into voting on DAO proposals a lot, you will others who have voted on most number of same proposals as you.
  • If you collect Mirror Articles that you read, you will find others who have collected most number of same mirror articles as you.
  • Same for music NFTs, your POAPs, the other communities that you are part of.
  1. In one-click, you get top 5 people you should connect to, based on your onchain activities. It uses Ethereum as a pre-built social graph.

  2. Next up, you can click the Create Invite button, and it will create a custom invite-card that you can send to the newly discovered onchain friend as a simple link. The invite-card lists why you two should be friends, what are your shared interests and shared communities and how to connect socially.

  3. At any point, anyone can enter an ENS/address, and press PROFILE LOOKUP to see Garden3's curated Smart Profile for that person. It gives you a quick overview of that person's social onchain presence and also a way to dig into details.

  4. Along with that, Garden3 offers "Community Lens" feature (go to or through navigation menu on left).

  5. Community Lens currently allows you to select one of 16 communities via a dropdown menu, and shows top20-people leaderboards for each onchain activity category of the selected community. Let's say you selected LINKS DAO, it will show you top 20 DAO-Governance Contributors in LINKS DAO community, top 20 POAP Collectors in LINKSDAO, top 20 Music fans (onchain music NFTs) in LINKSDAO, top 20 onchain readers in LINKSDAO, and top 20 socialites in LINKSDAO.

  6. In the Community Leaderboards, you can click any ENS name and you go to their Garden3 smart-profile page.

  7. SmartProfile, along with their onchain social activity, also includes link to that person's ENS profile. for example, for my ENS vinaydebrou.eth, my smartprofile page also has a link to my ENS profile:, along with links to Farcaster profile and Lens Protocol profile.

  8. If you are in one of the currently included onchain communities, I want you to try it for yourself first, before you vote. Go to and check it out. If your ENS is not included at the moment, try entering the ENS of someone else you know, like gregskril.eth or brantly.eth

  9. I am iterating the product rapidly with early user feedback and have more exciting community-lens features lined up to make it easy for newbies to quick understand who to connect to and why, when they join a new DAO or onchain community. Also, for existing DAO members, it would be cool to find other friends that are doing same things onchain but you havent yet discovered and connected with. Profile LookUp is a neat tool to check out someone quickly when you know their ENS/address.


  11. Also, I am looking to include more DAOs / onchain communities in the Garden3's curated network. If you are active in a social DAO and your community is not yet in the list of these 16 communities, please reach out to me on or @vinaydebrou on Twitter. I might include your community in the next update.

  12. If you vote yes, you are a cool person & you would boost my motivation to build this amazing social-search engine for web3 people to find real friends onchain. It's built for people like me and you. If you still have a reason to vote no, it's understandable. Have a nice day.

Reminder: v1 of product is live at