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a secured, censorship resistant ENS Linktree and website builder.

What is 1W3?

A linktree alternative for the decentralized web. Your personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase your unique identity and creations. With your own Web3 domain, you’ll have complete control over your digital presence, free from centralized control. Effortlessly integrate your social profiles, portfolio, blog, NFTs, videos, podcasts, photos, calendar, and more, all on a single, customizable page.

Take control of your Digital Identity! Start building now

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Build websites for others

Are you interested in building decentralized linktrees or websites for others? Now it's possible with 1W3! Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. The owner of an ENS domain needs to grant you the role of manager for their domain.
  2. With the manager role, you can proceed to build a customized website or linktree for the owner.
  3. Once the website is created, you can publish it to IPFS+IPNS and connect it to the owner's ENS domain from 1W3 domain connect option, ensuring seamless accessibility.
  4. After the website is successfully connected, you can then transfer the ownership and management of the domain back to the original owner.
  5. At this point, the website is built, and the ENS domain is fully transferred to the owner, giving them complete control over their online presence.

This process allows you to leverage the power of ENS and its decentralized nature to assist others in establishing their online platforms. By temporarily assuming the role of a manager, you can create and connect the website, and then seamlessly hand over ownership back to the domain owner, ensuring their autonomy and control.

Set resolver for domain Users often encounter difficulties when building websites for ENS names whose resolvers are not set. One particular challenge arises when setting the contenthash for these names. To address this issue, we have developed a solution on our platform to make the process seamless.

When users attempt to connect their ENS domain with their website by setting the IPFS/IPNS CID, our platform performs a thorough check. If it identifies that the resolver for the domain has not been set, we prompt the user to set the resolver by paying the necessary gas fee.

Once the user successfully pays the gas fee, the latest resolver is automatically set for the domain. Consequently, the website goes live after the contenthash is properly configured.

By providing this streamlined option for setting the contenthash and resolver, we aim to simplify the website building process for users facing resolver-related challenges. Our platform ensures a smooth experience and enables users to seamlessly connect their ENS domain to their website. resolverset_gas|690x374

Sub domains and wrapped domains support Users now have the ability to build decentralized linktree or websites for ENS subdomains and wrapped domains directly from 1W3.

Sub domains and wrapped domains

The first ENS sub-domain decentralised linktree is built by @ENSPunks.eth ENS_Punks_maxi|231x500


Set IPNS Key as contenthash Now, updating a website has become gasless on 1W3! Users can effortlessly set their IPNS key as the contenthash for their Linktree or website directly from our platform. This revolutionary update transforms 1W3 into a decentralized CMS (Content Management System) for ENS.

How does it work? Users can conveniently edit and update their websites as many times as needed without incurring any gas fees. This is made possible through the IPNS key automation feature on our platform.

When a user makes edits and publishes the changes to IPFS, our platform seamlessly connects the latest IPFS CID to the corresponding ENS name's IPNS key. This means that users no longer have to manually perform any steps. Their website changes will automatically appear when they visit their ENS Linktree or website.

With this gasless update feature, 1W3 offers users a hassle-free experience for maintaining and updating their decentralized websites. Say goodbye to gas fees and enjoy the convenience of automatic website updates on the ENS platform!

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Users now have the freedom to choose between IPNS and IPFS as their preferred contenthash options. This added flexibility empowers users to select the content addressing method that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether they opt for IPNS or IPFS, 1W3 supports both choices, enabling users to personalize their decentralized website experience according to their desired specifications.

Some of the websites built by ENS community

Some_Website1|690x387 mely.eth
ensmaxistimeline.eth luckylick.eth


1551.eth ensπŸ”Œ.eth fyp.eth πŸ§ƒπŸ§ƒπŸ§ƒπŸ§ƒ.eth


3690.eth 0333.eth 4569.ensmaxisfam.eth by @ENSPunks.eth 696.eth by @696.eth

ensinterviews.eth is an ENS-integrated decentralized blog focused on publishing interviews. It has been created by @evanmoyer.eth @Evan15.eth using 1W3's blogging template. We are thrilled to announce that the first interview featuring @ethlimo.eth has been successfully published on this decentralized blog. Interview link: https://ensinterviews.eth.limo/postpage.html Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 1.50.25 am|690x457

What's coming up next for 1W3? We have some exciting developments in the pipeline:

  1. Arweave Permastorage integration: We are currently working on integrating with Arweave, a decentralized storage platform. This integration will enable users to host their websites on Arweave, ensuring permanent and immutable storage of their content.
  2. Image gallery: We are introducing an image gallery feature, allowing users to showcase their images directly on their Linktree. This enhancement will enable users to create visually captivating and engaging Linktrees that highlight their work, products, or personal interests.
  3. youtube video embedding: We are also implementing YouTube video embedding functionality. Content creators will be able to add their YouTube videos to their ENS Linktree, providing visitors with the ability to watch videos directly from the ENS website. This feature aims to enhance user engagement and create a seamless multimedia experience within ENS-based websites.

Our team at 1W3 is continuously working on expanding and improving our platform. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we strive to provide innovative solutions for decentralized website building and management on the Ethereum Name Service.