SI HER ENS Domain With A Gift from the ENS Fairy

We are SI HER, a professional brand development platform for women & non-binary individuals in web3.

In SI HER our members develop their brand profile and activate their SI HER page with web3 profile, including a thought leadership presentation to establish her voice in web3.

This is our Founder Kara Howard's SI HER profile:

We have created a SI HER ENS domain section of our members profile template with the intention of driving crypto literacy, adoption and financial inclusion for our members.

Our collaborative ecosystem campaign 'SI HER Value' is launching with a Twitter Space on June 21st, and we are wanting to include ENS in our domain value category. We are including a gift of a free siher.eth domain for our members utilizing ENS Fairy as a part of their SI HER membership fee.

This is our SI HER Value campaign doc with 25 leading web3 orgs and women-led communities participating! Funds from this grant will go towards supporting our launch marketing efforts.

Thank you for your consideration,

The KI non-profit