ENS Interviews

Interviews of individuals and teams building with ENS


ENS Interviews is a Twitter space dedicated to interviewing individuals and teams actively building with ENS. Our platform aims to showcase innovative projects and initiatives within the ENS community, providing insights and inspiration to a wider audience.

A significant portion of the ENS community resides on Twitter, along with other Web3 communities. That's why it's crucial to provide education and create content related to ENS in a space where individuals can become aware of the protocol. Social media platforms like Twitter offer an ideal environment for education, as individuals and brands share a collective space.

Impact on the ENS Ecosystem:

Through our interviews, we have the opportunity to amplify the voices of builders, showcasing their innovative projects and initiatives. By sharing their insights and experiences, we aim to inspire and encourage new projects, nurturing a vibrant and collaborative environment.

One of our core objectives is to create a knowledge-sharing hub that fuels the adoption and usage of ENS across diverse industries. By shedding light on the possibilities and success stories within the ENS ecosystem, we aim to empower individuals and teams to effectively leverage ENS and contribute to the broader Web3 revolution.

Purpose of the Grant:

The purpose of this grant is to hire a video editor to create short-form content using our weekly interviews. Short-form content has gained significant popularity, and we believe it would be valuable to have concise ENS content posted on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and even Twitter. Given the scarcity of ENS video content on Twitter and ingeneral, this initiative can help fill that gap and attract a wider audience to explore and engage with the ENS ecosystem.

Currently, we have 37 episodes that can be utilized to create short-form educational content, with new episodes released each week. ENS Interviews asks relevant questions that are ideal for creating snippets of consumable content. The missing piece is someone who can create visuals to make the content more appealing and aligned with what consumers demand from short-form content.