Identity for DAOs

Bridging Individuality and Community with On-Chain Identities

With Identity for DAOs, we've created a new tool that enables each member of a DAO to have their unique subdomain connected to their own wallet (for example, nick.devdao.eth). This unique identity ensures personal autonomy while at the same time fostering a sense of belonging amongst the DAO members. Additionally, since the DAO governs this subdomain allocation and a receiver can verify the transaction, our tool also ensures a sense of trust and security on the receiving end.

Let's say you're Nick, and you've just joined the ENS DAO, where the DAO has its ENS name registered as ensdao.eth. After joining, nick.ensdao.eth is assigned to your wallet address. Now, you have complete ownership of this subdomain, giving you the same perks as owning your separate ENS name. Thus, this subdomain ensures your membership in the ENS DAO.

In simple terms, Identity for DAOs changes how we think about identity online. We give each member of a DAO their own unique, safe, and permanent identity on the blockchain. This allows everyone to express themselves and be part of a group. Join us as we start a new chapter of online identity, where everyone is seen, valued, and given power.