Plug-In Penny: ENS & ENS.Vision Chatbot

Plug-In Penny: Uniting ENS Domains with AI Chat

We're thrilled to present "Plug-In Penny", an AI chatbot designed to seamlessly fit into the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) ecosystem. Penny is more than a chatbot; she is a friendly guide, ready to help anyone navigate the ENS world, from domains to the ENS Vision website, and if you’re feeling bold, Etherscan!

Think of Penny as a knowledgeable friend who's studied every publicly available document on ENS and explored every corner of the ENS.Vision marketplace, while just getting started on Etherscan. So whether you're a seasoned Web3 degen or a newcomer trying to understand what ENS is all about and you're looking for a simple step-by-step guide to bulk register or renew ENS names, Penny is there to assist you!

Now the real beauty of Penny lies in her simplicity. If you own an ENS domain, you can install Penny onto your website in under 60 seconds! Here's how:

1- You'll receive a unique code snippet for Plug-In Penny. 2- Simply embed 1 single line of code onto your website. (How-To-Video Provided) 3- Voila! Penny is now ready to assist on your website, providing guidance and answering questions about the ENS, ENS.Vision and Etherscan ecosystems.

Looking ahead, we aim to make Penny even smarter and more helpful. With your support, we can enhance her learning capabilities, enabling her to provide even deeper insights into the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and the decentralized web.

In essence, Plug-In Penny is a tool for making the ENS world more accessible to everyone. By supporting this proposal, you're not just helping a chatbot grow, but you're also empowering the ENS community and shaping the future of digital interactions on the decentralized web. Join us in this exciting venture and revolutionize the way we interact with the ENS ecosystem.

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