ENS NIGERIA: Blockchain And You, Your Digital Identity.

ENS NIGERIA is a program educating users on the importance of a web3 and web3 identity and its potentiality in the development and recognition in the space.

The Problem

To my statistic understanding, ENS has not been paramount in Nigeria as most top known names ain’t registered and giving such data, there is a low interaction with the system in Nigeria, which indicates room for awareness and interaction.

The Target With the poor statistic record, we plan to foremost begin our awareness program in universities in Nigeria. Nigeria is known to be a leading country in cryptocurrency and with such, the target audience is not limited to universities, but also organizations.

The university is for sure, the battle field as from deduced analytics, most web3 users are interconnected most in the university before leaving and with this, we can be able to reach a wide membership of users and thereby, introducing them to the importance of owning a digital web3 identity.

About 79% of most names in Nigeria which are popularly known are not registered on ens.

Not only restricted to ENS, but with this movement, we hope to educate and bring new users to the knowledge of blockchain.

A total of 10 Universities (Private & Public) will be visited.

The Future

We do believe in the coming years, owning an ENS domain in Nigeria will help unite together Nigerians in web3. Also, create a record of evident statistic of decentralized users.

Grant Allocation

With 1.4 ETH, The grant will cover expenses related to transportation, accommodation, venue rentals, promotional materials, and catering for the university tour. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be allocated for documentation and post-event analysis with evidence of events.


We sincerely hope that ENS shares our vision.

We would be delighted to discuss this proposal further and provide any additional information or documentation required. Thank you for considering our application.