L2 ENS Subnames + ERC-4337

Every smart account needs an ENS subname, e.g., tim.avid.eth, registered at the time of creation.

What Problem Are We Solving?

Sending digital assets to wallet addresses is not a seamless user experience and can result in fund loss and scams. Our solution involves providing a plug-and-play system for registering ENS subnames. With our system, every new ERC-4337 smart account can automatically register a subname, such as mysafe.avid.eth.

How Will Users Benefit from ENS Subnames?

Our objective is to enable users to remain completely unaware of the account address associated with their smart account. Instead, they should exclusively interact with their ENS name.

How Does Our System Address the Problem?

Our solution resolves the issue of smart account addresses by ensuring that all new smart accounts are assigned an ENS subname upon creation. Users won't need to view their smart account address.

What Have We Achieved So Far?

We have successfully deployed all our smart contracts on the testnet and developed a demo application for subname registration on Layer 2.

What Is the Next Phase?

Currently, we are in the process of developing a demonstration for registering a subname during the creation of an ERC-4337 smart account.