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Ecosystem Project: Web3Domains.com

1. Problem: ENS & Web3 Content "Discoverability & Findability" (via Web2 Audience-Channels)

Everyday, new users are entering Web3, and they need to be able to find useful Web3 answers and helpful ENS content. It is critical that new users can find good data and quality content in search engines and via Web3 social media, which connects users and industry commentary, to point all users in the right direction.

2. Solution: The "Web3Domains.com" Project

Web3Domains.com is a dedicated content platform focused on providing timely news and educational guides about the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. Our primary goal is to address the challenges of "findability" for ENS and Web3 content, ensuring that new and existing users have access to quality information about decentralized domains, Web3 identity, and the ENS Protocol. We seek grant funding from the ENS DAO Small Grants program to empower our content creation efforts, expand our reach, and drive awareness and adoption of Web3 technologies.

3. Soft launch & Strategic Assets: Success & Strength

To date during our soft-launch, the Web3Domains.com project has connected with scores of independent Web3 content creators, and has published nearly two dozen articles from eight different Web3 writers and reporters. Not only has this provided several important pieces of content for new key subjects, but this has also contributed to eight new builder-creators, working independently in the Web3 and ENS industry.

The main domain, web3domains.com, is a strategic asset as it contains the exact match for one of the industry's most important SEO keywords. This will help new users find needed information more easily during their discovery-journey. Web3Domains.com will serve the "Web3, NFT/Crypto, & Domain" industries, with a focus on the intersection between Metaverse and NFTs with Web3 Domains, such as the ENS protocol.

4. Project S.W.O.T.: Advantages & Challenges

Competitors for content generation are thin for Web3 domains, specifically, so the primary competitors for the Web3Domains.com website come from the broader crypto-publications, are other content generating websites, which focus on the crypto industry in general.

Web3Domains.com may face some challenges when entering the marketplace.

  1. First, the project is competing against well-established websites with large audiences.
  2. Second, the project is focused on a niche market, which may make it difficult to attract a broad audience.
  3. Third, the project is new to the industry and may not have the same level of credibility as its competitors.
  4. However, the project plans to overcome these challenges by producing high-quality content, using SEO to improve its visibility, and building relationships with key players in the industry.

5. The Project Team: Founding Members

The project is led by Gary Palmer Jr. (GaryPalmerJr.eth), CEO, and Adriana Skura-Palmer (AKA: Ada.eth; UnfoldedLife.eth), COO.

6. Conclusion & Gratitude: Web3 is strong, together

The Web3Domains.com project will meet the news and content needs of individuals and organizations, interested in decentralized domains, Web3 domains, and Web3 identity. The website will be educational and informative, with a focus on content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and Web3 community building.

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Excerpt from the ENS DAO Constitution

Article III. Income funds ENS and other public goods. Any income generated to the ENS treasury is to be used first of all to ensure the long-term viability of ENS, and to fund continuing development and improvement of the ENS system. Funds that are not reasonably required to achieve this goal may be used to fund other public goods within web3 as ENS governance sees fit.