ENS BAR: Your Favorite Crypto Bar.


The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has revolutionized how we use domain names on the blockchain. To showcase the power and versatility of ENS, we propose the creation of an innovative crypto bar called the "ENS Bar," where everything, from drinks to entertainment, is tagged with a .eth domain.

The idea of this development is as follows;


ENS Bar's primary aim is to demonstrate the practicality and creativity that ENS can bring to the crypto ecosystem while offering a unique and immersive experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  1. ENS-Tagged Drinks: The bar menu will feature drinks and cocktails with .eth domain-themed names and QR codes. Customers can order by scanning the QR code associated with their desired drink's ENS domain.

  2. ENS-Payments: transactions within the bar, including payments for food, drinks, and entertainment, can be made using the bar's ENS domain address.

Our Staffs and Workers, will have a subdomain identity and also, their own personal identity.

Whenever a worker serves, his domain tag can be used to identify him.

  1. ENS Domain Artwork: The interior of the bar will be adorned with crypto-themed art, and each piece will be associated with an ENS domain. Patrons can scan these domains to learn more about the artwork and even purchase it as an NFT.

The interior is not limited to ENS, but can also support Ethereum projects (Fungible & Non-fungible token projects)

  1. Live ENS Auctions:

Periodically, the bar will host live ENS domain auctions, where customers can bid on and acquire premium .eth domains while enjoying their drinks.

  1. Interactive ENS Workshops: ENS Bar will offer interactive workshops and demonstrations on how to register, use, and customize ENS domains. These workshops will empower patrons to create their unique .eth identities.

  2. Crypto-Branded Merchandise: The bar will sell merchandise such as T-shirts, glasses, and coasters, each bearing ENS domains. Customers can scan these domains to verify the authenticity of their merchandise.

The sugar about this key feature is, a session of the bar will have a stands of NFT collection shirts, caps etc. Here a user can place an order if the item he selected isn't available as at the time of interest. When there order is ready and sold to them, the holder of that exact nft token ID, will be airdropped some percentage at the end of every 5 Months. This solely depends on the demand for that particular token ID.

For example, if ENSMAXI #5719 happens to have more demand, then that means, at the end of 5 month, the holder of that particular pfp, will be compensated.

For every drink, comes with a tag of its domain name.

  1. ENS Domain Games: Crypto games within the bar will incorporate ENS domains. For example, a trivia game could involve answering questions related to ENS domains or blockchain activities, etc.

Security and Compliance:

  1. ENS Verification: To maintain the integrity of ENS payments, the bar will verify the authenticity of each ENS domain used in transactions and also the permission from pfp holders to allow for their pfp to used and therefore get compensated from every sale.

  2. KYC and AML: Adhering to regulatory standards, the bar will implement Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols for customer identification.

Marketing and Promotion:

  1. Online Presence: ENS Bar will actively engage with the crypto community through social media platforms, promoting its unique .eth-centric offerings.

  2. Partnerships: Collaborations with ENS projects, NFT artists, and crypto influencers will be pursued to boost visibility and attract a diverse clientele.

The Psychology Of The Concept of Design

By utilizing pictorial and systemic setup, we will be able to draw the attention of interest of minds of people to ENS.


We aim to highlight the versatility of ENS and its potential for use in real-world scenarios. Together, we can create a space where crypto enthusiasts can explore, connect, and enjoy the benefits of ENS in a tangible way, reinforcing its importance in the crypto ecosystem.

With the help of the grant, and not limited by it, we are open to investors offerings and partnerships.

We welcome your feedback and support to bring ENS Bar to life, offering a space where the crypto community can gather, have fun, and fully embrace the potential of ENS domains.

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