ENS Chat Ads

Uncovering ENS potential through chat-based advertising

Project goals

This project is creating advertising videos with concise, chat-based interactions.

The primary goal of this project is to highlight the diverse and innovative use cases of Ethereum Name Service within the context of short chat-based ads on X (Twitter). By showcasing ENS in action, we aim to educate and inspire the X community about the potential of ENS.

Proof of concept

Two proof of concept ads were already made: The Plumber and The Drinks

Through our engaging ad videos, we intend to demonstrate how ENS can empower brands, individuals, and the broader blockchain ecosystem, encouraging widespread adoption and creative exploration of its capabilities.

Next steps

The proof of concepts were made with little modifications to and existing template. The next steps include incorporating a proper intro and outro, as well as revamping the design to align with an ENS color palette.