Sign in with Google linked with ENS

Integrating ENS with Web2.5 applications leveraging email sign in.

Google sign in is still the preferred, quickest, and universal way of signing into applications. To bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, we must create user experiences that slowly expose them to blockchain technology. One of the most uninstructive ways to do this, is to enable users to associate their ENS with their Gmail so that applications can use email, usernames, and now ENS as native user identities.

This eases the painpoint of users having to set new usernames on applications, and because ENS domains are unique, will allow a user to ALWAYS have a username available.

Use Case: Sidechain allows users to enter peer-to-peer ticket escrows. While they can currently search for others' usernames or email, it would be great to support ENS. Sidechain will also support adding friends and other social features where ENS domains will be searchable and potentially preferred.

The future is that ENS could replace email sign in, but we aren't quite there yet. We must make incremental steps and prove better, faster UX before replacing web2 sign ins.