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Financial Support/Grant needed to attend Beeple's Crypto Punk Art Event on 30th September 2023

gm ENS DAO members; 👋🏻🤩

I am writing to request a small grant or equivalent from ENS Domains to assist me in covering the travel expenses necessary for my attendance at a prestigious art event. My project, "EthMojiPunks" has recently been selected by Beeple to be showcased during his private event scheduled for September 30th 2023 (only 2 weeks away!) ✍🏻 🎟️ 🔜⚠️


This event will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and the associated travel costs from my hometown of Sydney, Australia, are quite significant, approximately AU $3000. I understand how the nature of this request may look at first glance, and I am not expecting a miracle. However, this is not just about me. I honestly feel like I am going to be flying a flag for ENS! 🌐



🎨👨‍🎨 Original Concept and on chain Artworks -

Since inception my motivation has never been driven by wanting to “sell” or flip domains, but more to just turn heads and open up questions such as “Is it Art or a Domain?”...EthMojiPunks inherently showcases the potential of the ENS protocol in an entirely novel manner. 💡

I discovered a method to string together Emojis in sequential lines that when viewed via the correct UI and platform creates an 8-bit pixel art style. I’ve been chosen to display EthMojiPunks at Beeple's Studios which presents a remarkable opportunity to introduce ENS to a broader audience, through the lens of ART. By doing so, we (I) can showcase the Ethereum Name Service in a way that will transcend the usual technical discussions.

I want to emphasize my strong connection to the ENS community along with the unwavering support from my friends in the ENSmaxisNFT community. I initiated this project by gifting my artwork to Nick.eth in October 2022, as testament to my dedication to the ENS mission. EthMojiPunks, in many ways, is a labor of love that reflects my belief in the potential of Web3 and the importance of decentralized naming systems.

While my primary request is for financial support to help offset the substantial travel expenses for the event, I am also open to other forms of assistance, such as mentorship or collaboration. Additionally, I would be profoundly grateful for any form of recognition and social media support from the ENS community, which would go a long way in bolstering my project's visibility.

My dream would be to develop more and build upon this inertia and create a tool/dapp to work as a portal or Emoji art studio in which people can easily create their own digital assets and create ENS domains at the same time! 💭

In conclusion, I believe that this unique opportunity wont only benefit my project but also organically elevate ENS to a new level of recognition and appreciation within the Art world and beyond. Your support would not only assist me personally but also contribute to the broader ENS ecosystem. This is literally an opportunity of a lifetime! 💯🚀

Further more, I have already created and minted the Domain and Art works for Beeple's Crypto Punk, which I intend to gift to him in due course. (Or potentially, wrap it and sell him a subdomain! haha) 😋

Ideally, I would love to organise some actual printed merch, in the form of a T-shirt, Hat, Shoes...etc. To which I will use the Grant money to cover the costs. Again this would be to gift out and for me to wear during the event. 👕👟🧢🛍️

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to all of the infinite possibilities of working together and to continue to showcase the synergy between Art and the Ethereum Name Service. 💓

Warm regards,

James, AKA Meta8.eth (Currently building)


(👆🏻 Self portrait EthMojiPunk made by me!)