ENS Off-Chain Records Manager



NameSys.eth is introducing an innovative solution for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) users to store their ENS records off-chain in a gasless, secure and autonomous manner. By combining IPNS and CCIP-Read, NameSys allows users to enjoy free and secure ENS record updates. This unique approach addresses the long-standing issue of high gas costs associated with on-chain updates, making it accessible to ENS enthusiasts of all levels. NameSys is also accessible via faster HTTP gateways for users who prefer speed over decentralised security of IPFS. Due to its gasless nature, NameSys allows builders to develop features previously thought impossible or unfeasible. One of these features is the no-cost & no-logs private/stealth payments to ENS domains via NameSys!

The NameSys infrastructure uses a custom resolver called CCIP2, which is capable of reading off-chain records from IPFS/IPNS or any other HTTP gateway. Since hosting sensitive records on centralised servers poses significant trust concerns, NameSys designed a non-custodial and secure solution for IPNS record storage. Users can securely generate IPNS keypairs using deterministic wallet signatures. The IPNS private key is used to host off-chain records without sharing it with any third-party service, ensuring data integrity.


The NameSys process involves a one-time initial setup, where users set their resolver to CCIP2 and optionally establish their parent IPNS contenthash (or HTTP gateway) on-chain. This contenthash serves as a container for the typical ENS records. With each record update, users regenerate their IPNS keys and sign the data with their unique signatures; this ensures that their records cannot be tampered with, even in the event of IPNS key compromise. The records are then pinned to the IPNS public key using the w3name API. Subsequent IPNS key regenerations require the user's signature and secret password, offering a robust and secure hands-off key management.

Users additionally have the option to export their IPNS private key and IPFS hash for re-use with other pinning services such as Pinata, Fleek etc. Users at their own discretion may also choose the HTTP gateway option which eliminates the need for IPFS altogether. NameSys platform's exciting features, such as stealth payments and programmable addresses, open up new possibilities for users. With add-ons such as wallet-specific records and on-chain signers for extra security, NameSys infrastructure is near zero-cost and yet highly secure.

Overall, NameSys.eth provides a game-changing solution for ENS users, enabling free and secure off-chain record management. With its focus on security, autonomy and dynamic possibilities, NameSys aims to transform the ENS community's experience, making free and secure records forever accessible to all users. We at NameSys are dedicated to proactively adding more utility to ENS domains and transform it into a barrier-free global Layer 1 namespace!