esf tools

subdomain management

At, our dedication lies in fostering robust, interconnected communities. Our core objective is to enable both organizations and individuals to leverage subdomains, amplifying their online footprint and nurturing web 3 communities.

As our platform undergoes continuous enhancement, we actively seek backing for upcoming contract rollouts and community integration initiatives. Your contribution to our project is instrumental, ensuring progresses and makes an indelible mark on the digital sphere.

We take pride in announcing that blurfarm.eth has selected our platform, utilizing our token renting feature. They stand as the inaugural community employing a subscription model on

Our largest subdomain community, digijoint.eth, continues to thrive, especially with their popular "morning wake and bake" show. The anticipation builds as they approach the minting of their 420th subdomain.

In the pipeline are exciting feature launches, encompassing capabilities like minting to alternative addresses, bulk minting for proprietors, and substantial backend enhancements targeting our database and API.