Org3 - ENS subdomain management tool

Org3: ENS subdomain management tool that pushes the frontier of ENS. ETHSF & ETHDenver Finalist.

What is Org3.eth?

In short, we wanna build an ENS subdomain-based organization management tool. As for now, we are focusing developing on ENS subdomain-based access control, which is more advanced than the tokengated access control because 1. the subdomain represents an intuitive tree structure; 2. decoupling of on-chain address (note: this can also be smart contract) and resource access control; 3. lower cost thanks to the ENS smart contract.

Why does ENS need Org3?

Org3 aims to push the frontier of ENS subdomains adoptions in many organizations and communities. We are planning to integrate use cases including payroll, communication (ENS email), access control, file sharing, and more.

Previous Grants

Org3 is one of the 13 Finalists and also the grand prize winner of ENS in ETH San Francisco (ETHSF). Org3 is also one of the Finalists and also the grand prize winner of ENS in ETHDenver 2023.

Open Source

ORG3 is wholly open source (including both the frontend and smart contracts) under the MIT license. This means anyone can contribute, use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and even sell copies of the software.