Empowering the ENS Ecosystem, One Domain at a Time.

Heavens Tools: Turbocharging the ENS Ecosystem

Proposal for ENS Ecosystem Small Grants

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🚀 TL;DR: - What is the Opportunity?

I am personally dedicated to growth in the ENS ecosystem with Heavens Tools. Aiming to deliver an incredible rate of return for the entire ENS ecosystem through user onboarding, tool integration, and incubation of other true ENS centered grass-roots projects via the many Heavens Tools dApps.

🌠 Why This Is Vital for the ENS Ecosystem

ENS is more than a naming service; it's the backbone of Web3 identity. Heavens Tools propels ENS from a utility to a transformative force. Heavens Tools tutorials are made to make ENS domains infinitely more useful, more integrated, and more impactful—turbocharging the entire ecosystem.

🌟 Introduction & Overview

Heavens Tools, is a labor of love engineered for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) community. Founded and operated by Dylan Meador (satoshi.testaccount.eth, @DylanMeador on Twitter), we're pioneering the wave of Web3 creativity and functionality via ENS / Ethereum / Additional chains & decentralized tech such as zk/Arweave/IPFS/BTC.

Our Unique Edge

  • One-Man Army, Millions of Supporters: Heavens Tools LLC is a one-man operation but is supported by the millions of decentralized ENS ecosystem members.

  • .eth Integration: All tools also use .eth domains, showcasing our commitment to the ENS ecosystem.

  • Grass-Roots Impact: We've onboarded hundreds and have a portfolio of hundreds of builders and grass-roots projects—all hosted via our platform and IPFS relay.

  • Educational Outreach: Our Alpha Time YouTube Channel has garnered thousands of views, offering tutorials on ENS building and registration.

🛠️ Services & Tools

Website Builder 🏰

  • Website Builder: Create captivating websites on your ENS domain with our drag-and-drop interface.

Heavens Connect 🤝

  • Heavens Connect: Seamlessly integrate your ENS domains and wallets, plus get free website hosting on Heavens.Pictures subdomains.

Logo Generator 🎨

  • Logo Generator: Turn your ENS domain into a brand with custom logos.

P2P Chat Site Tutorial 💬

Web3 Pinball Game Tutorial 🎮


  • NFTYCHAT Lobby: A community where knowledge is power. Get personalized support and collaborate in real-time.

ENS Calendar 📆

Redirect Tutorial 🔄

  • Redirect Tutorial: Learn how to set up redirects for your ENS domains, an essential utility for any ENS domain owner.

And More!

💡 Why This Grant Matters

Your support isn't just funding; it's an investment in the future of the ENS and Web3 ecosystems for us all. Help us enhance UI/UX, expand our services, and deliver educational content that empowers. We are now a true L.L.C. and your support for this small web3 business hopefully can be a catalyst to be the next Wix of web3. Thank you. - satoshi