GoDID - Streamlining the ENS Secondary Market

GoDID is a one-stop ENS marketplace aggregator with lower fees & diversified features.

GoDID: Streamlining the ENS Secondary Market

Introduction: GoDID (formerly Rare.ID) is Asia’s leading all-in-one DID marketplace aggregator, specializing in ENS domain transactions and management. Seamlessly combining a traditional front-end interface with integrated smart contracts, our platform facilitates the buying, selling, and management of ENS names, catering to the needs of the secondary ENS market.

Objective: With our strong technological foundation and acute market sense, we aim to bolster the ENS ecosystem, generating value addition for users through our sophisticated, consumer-oriented platform.

Milestones and Innovations

  1. Secondary Marketplace Expertise: GoDID offers a seamless experience for ENS domain transactions, combining traditional interface aesthetics with the power of integrated smart contracts.
  2. Domain Management Suite: We provide tools for efficient domain registration, renewal, and management, simplifying the ENS domain ownership journey.
  3. Educational Initiatives: Our ENS Daily posts and GoDID: Web3 Reloaded X Spaces keep the community informed, offering ENS market insights and covering broader web3 developments with guest experts.
  4. Security Commitment: Our platform places an unwavering focus on user safety, emphasizing robust wallet integrations and transparent transaction processing.
  5. Community-Centric Development: Feedback from the ENS community has been instrumental, shaping our features to address real-world needs.

Roadmap & Future Endeavours

  1. UX Improvements: As user needs evolve, we plan to refine our interface to ensure intuitive, frictionless interactions.
  2. Domain Management: More sophisticated domain management tools and text record editing is in the pipeline.
  3. Innovation and Upgrade: Enhanced interoperability is on our horizon, promoting seamless integrations with pivotal Web3 components.
  4. Educational Expansion: We aim to diversify our content offerings, delving into more nuanced Web3 topics and featuring a broader spectrum of guests and expert insights.
  5. Strategic Partnerships: We are collaborating and building with other Web3 platforms and services such as Fracton Protocol and NameSys, creating synergies and expanding GoDID's utility in the ecosystem.

Conclusion: Given the ongoing market conditions, it's become increasingly challenging for self-financed entities like GoDID to sustain without external support. This grant represents more than just financial assistance; it's a collaboration for the betterment of the ENS community. We vow to channel every granted ETH towards enhancing our platform and furthering the growth of the ENS ecosystem.