A DID-based ‍Profile (ENS)

Showcase your achievements, NFTs, Social connections with flair and whimsy.

d.id Profile is a tool based on ENS(DID) that aims to provide a unique platform for users to showcase their NFTs and SBTs.

It aggregates and displays users' information, social assets, and NFTs / SBTs from various platforms in a single place.

You can view the d.id Profile by visiting d.id/yourens e.g. d.id/flippedcat.eth

Milestones: Phase 1 (1-2 months): Roll out of the core functionalities, offering a fluid, intuitive user experience. This includes the seamless display and manipulation (adding, deleting, resizing) of all user NFTs/SBTs.

Phase 2 (3-4 months): Expansion of our integration with a wider range of platforms, facilitating the display of social information, content, and assets. This will allow users to define and manifest their presence across diverse social media platforms.

Phase 3 (5-6 months): Extending the application scenarios of our tool, achieving broader integration with various use cases. We aim to assist more users from different professions (such as content creators, engineers, etc.) in crafting their unique personal brands and expressing themselves more effectively.