Chainagents are AI agents with ENS names

The onchain levelup for every AI to use the ENS namespace and XMTP wallet messaging

Chainagents are AI agents with ENS names, messaged via XMTP wallet chat.

An upcoming and overlooked strength of the ENS namespace is to utilize it for a personal or enterprise AI agent, where a chat agent is deployed behind an ENS subname.

Relay Network is building two kinds of open-source AI agents with onchain capabilities, called Chainagents.

  1. A personal assistant for social/professional life, by running an agent with the ai. subname to your Primary Name, for example ai.vitalik.eth.

When someone messages the Chainagent, it serves two-fold purposes. First, it acts as an informative guide about the owner's information, goals, and anything they choose to share. Second, it is also an inquistive gatekeeper, which gathers information based on the conversation and token holdings of any address it chats with. Then when the owner, such as vitalik.eth, messages the Chainagent, it can recommend certain conversations as a priority for followups.

  1. An Agent that helps you do any onchain transaction, such as a swap by messaging ai.metamask.eth.

The benefits to a user are:

  • Knowing that the agent is cryptographically attached to the parent ENS name, and can gain peace of mind interacting with the agent
  • The ENS namespace means that a canonical name for an Agent is both memorable and identical in any messaging client
  • The potential for an open, decentralized and permissionless Registry of Agent ENS names
  • Wallet messaging via XMTP or Push Protocol requires wallet authentication, which prevents any name spoofing or scamming

Buidling All Year

Back in February (twitter link) we created a way to message via XMTP the ENS name "register.relaycc.eth", among others, which would help you complete an ENS Name Registration.

ENS name registration widget

Current Development

We are now going much further than that, and we are currently doing R&D development with MakerDAO, to create AI agents able to assist with DeFi and other onchain transactions. We are also working on a web3 chat agent with the Metamask Portfolio team.

Our Github has other open-source infrastructure, designed to assist ==any AI agent== to connect to the open stack of Ethereum + ENS + XMTP. By doing so, they access all of:

  • a namespace for Agents utilizing the ai. subname for any ENS
  • the global crypto payment infrastructure by attaching the Agent to a Gnosis Safe Account, with custom Modules & Safeguards
  • XMTP for authentication + messaging

We anticipate many of the "web2" AI startups will begin look to this onchain infra stack for the capabilities of web3 payments, easy auth, and the ENS namespace. The Relay Network will be the easiest way for them to connect and get that web3 levelup.

Relay Network github

We are still building many parts of this, and the ENS Small Grant would be extremely helpful for our small team. We believe that by making the ownership of an ENS name an integral first step in running any capable Agent, then the Relay Network could grow the adoption and utility of ENS names.

Launch timing

We will be sharing beta invites towards the end of October for the personal agents, with a priority for those active in ENS.