šŸ‘· Enhancing ENS developer testing environment

Simplifying ENS for new devs with easier testing and gas analysis

Hi everyone!

I hope you're doing well. My goal with this idea is to make it easy for new builders to come to the ecosystem.

As you know, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) stands at the core of Ethereum's usability, simplifying interactions within the ecosystem. However, for developers who wish to build upon ENS contracts, the only easy way to test is to do a local fork.

This grant proposal aims to tackle this challenge by creating a deployable package for local ENS contract deployment on Foundry. Provide Ethereum developers with a smoother development experience, fostering creativity and expediting ENS-based projects.

In addition, the repository will prioritize comprehensive documentation and transparency. We will include a robust suite of test cases that thoroughly cover the essential features of the ENS contracts. These test cases will serve as educational resources, enabling developers to understand better how these features work.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of efficient gas usage in Ethereum smart contracts. To this end, our project will provide detailed gas consumption reports for each feature. These reports will offer insights into the gas costs of using different ENS functionalities, helping developers make informed decisions when optimizing their smart contracts.

This work will be open source. I look forward to hearing back from you and building together.