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What are we building?

A webflow alternative for the decentralized web.

dra.gd is an intuitive website builder with simple drag-and-drop blocks to enable blockchain features for your community. A dragd website can contain project socials, roadmap updates, calendars, payment features and swap functionality with a unified brand.

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The Problem

Decentralised infrastructure is the future - but creating a decentralised website for your project can be complex.

Project data and tools are usually scattered across various channels including Twitter, Telegram, Discord and various on-chain utilities like OpenSea and Snapshot. The barrier to having a unified channel for everything is having a simple platform that offers sufficient upstream ecosystem support (web2 services like Stripe, Typeform and Shopify).

Our Solution

dragd helps design and publish a website for your ENS domain in minutes.

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Key Features:

  • drag-and-drop responsive page builder
  • Donate button - collect donations on your page
  • Custom code block - embed anything
  • Multipage support - websites can have multiple sub-pages and navigation
  • SEO-ready - add search engine meta tags, static regeneration on server side
  • Gasless updates - Link your ENS once, future updates are free via IPNS
  • Transferable websites - transfer the ENS NFT and all ownership of the website is transferred
  • Build Service - build and deploy website to IPFS whenever an update is made
  • Name Management Service - manages IPFS<->IPNS<->ENS mappings
  • Open Source - download the docker image and self-host your own instance of dragd.


New features are planned based on suggestions from our community. Please start a discussion on X, Github or Discord to request a feature.

  • User gallery - a gallery page to showcase some of the best pages build with dragd. You can clone any of these and use them as a starting point for your own page.

  • Forms - collect data about your users, including wallet verification. Create private message boards, surveys, and more.

  • Gated content - create 'locked' pages that can be accessed by verifying ownership of an NFT or after making a payment. Easily share content with an exclusive audience using built-in monetisation.

Official Links

Project Website

Discord - Get Support

Github - Contribute

X - Updates