ENS Cord

A Discord bot that protects your ENS name from impersonators

Someone impersonated you and posted malicious messages?

ENS Cord is here to solve it.

If you're well-known in the industry, it is highly likely that someone is using your identity to scam people who are new to crypto and aren't as crypto savvy as you or me (eg, my parents).

A trusting person would generally not bother to thoroughly check another person's identity and as an industry, we must do everything possible for such a person to reap the benefits of crypto and web3 communities.

Thus, ENS Cord. An easy way to protect Discord communities from ENS impersonators.

ENS Cord landing page

Implications of ENS Cord

ENS can be used for signalling legitimacy

A corollary effect of making ENS impersonation-resistant on Discord is that it can automatically be used to signal that a person is indeed legit. Therefore, any Discord user is more inclined to set their ENS as their username.

A building block for better tools

If we are sure that a person's ENS is accurate on Discord, there can be more advanced tools built on top of this primitive such as Discord based reputation systems.

If this piqued your interest

  • You can setup the Discord bot for your server from here.
  • Here's a demo of how it works.
  • You can fork it and run it yourself if you prefer that. Please remember to give us a star :)

How grant will be used

  • Host and maintain ENS Cord
  • Add features such as verified ENS sub-domains on Discord

A bit about me

I'm also the founder of Spect which is currently used by several leading web3 organizations. I mostly spend my time building cool shit (like a Gitcoin Passport plugin for Discourse)