a unified crypto experience

A unified crypto experience

persona connects onchain identities to onchain communities, giving web3 users the ability to chat, create and explore.

Creating a persona

Users create a persona by buying a ens name and configuring its text records: Creating persona

personas can create things like art, writing & film plus propose custom ideas for communities (dao's) on the platform to vote on and bring to life.

personas can chat with each other right on the platform, and receive proposals through the chat space with the help of the xmpt protocol.

personas earn eth from participating in proposals bringing new ideas and communities to life.

Each persona has a "guild" text record, that identifies their skill set: guilds

This is what makes an onchain identity a "persona" - if an art.persona text record is set to a defined guild. Guilds give persona's special access rights in the communities they join. For example, a writer can create text entries for the community, and has exclusive access to the writer's guild chat.

Joining a community

persona's apply for a soulbound badge (according to their guild) that acts as an access card to the community: soulbound badge

they then have exclusive chat access with other members in the community: chats

Creating a community

Communities can be created by anyone at any time: group-add-members

Communities auction badges and collectibles for access. The eth they receive is deposited into the treasury, which is used to fund proposals.

Our goal has always been to build an application that we would love to use. We found that unifying the crypto experience - enabling you to create one or many profiles (personas), make cool things with fellow profiles (personas) in one or more communities and earn eth for it - would be a whole lot of fun.

We have chosen ENS as the identity protocol because we know the aesthetic aligns perfectly with the spirit of web3. Onchain identity should be based around ENS, allowing for pseudonymity. Linking social accounts and minting soulbound items can serve as a type of "Proof of Personhood" protocol - NOT scanning irises or revealing any biometric data. Eventually, account abstraction technology can be tightly integrated with onchain identities build with ENS - enabling for seamless web experiences with Sign-In-With-Ethereum.

Use of funds

We plan on using any funds to upgrade our teams equipment (new computers), and invest in infrastructure for node and website hosting.


Bootstrap --> MVP (3-4 months) MVP --> seed investment (1-2 months) Seed investment --> hiring more engineers (1 month) Launch production level (4 months minimum)


Femi Adebimpe - - Engineer and Product Lead - 3 Years of Web3 Exp

Chijioke Agu - - Lead Engineer (Full Stack) - 6 years of Web2 Exp, 3+ years of Web3

Esosa Chiejine - - Lead Designer - 5 Years of web3 UI/UX Design Exp

Ilamini Ayebatonye - - Smart Contract Engineer - 5 Years of Web2 Exp, 3+ Years of Web3 Exp