Free subdomains registry, an ENS public good!

After being involved in ENS trading for over 2 years and successfully trading a bunch of domains, I feel like now is the time for me to build something in order to accelerate the protocol’s growth within the current web3 ecosystem. I’ve been interested in building a project for a while but didn’t quite get the right idea until now, and a lot of people from the community have been very supportive, with some chads even offering to work on the project for free!


I recently acquired handle.eth for 3.5Ξ and will build a full-on free and unruggable subdomain network on top of it to onboard as many people as possible. Users will be able to register free .handle.eth subdomains, eliminating renewal fees for them, with the domain’s fuses burned to make them unruggable. Multiple people from the community and myself will work on promoting this « sub-network » with the main objective being for wallets like Rainbow, social platforms like Farcaster & Lens, and many other apps from messaging to gaming, to integrate the free subs registry within their platforms. I would also like the website to have all educational ENS content and tutorials needed for users to easily learn how to use their domains, set it up as their primary name, add an avatar, edit records… We could also partner with website building projects to push this ENS feature as well later on. Finally, once the project will be considered a success, I will send the domain to the burn address, thus making it fully decentralized and officially a public good (with the website being on IPFS as well).


  • setup the subdomains registry
  • burn the required handle.eth fuses
  • build the website (+ IPFS version)
  • fill it with tutorials
  • open the free .handle.eth subdomains registrations
  • get wallets and projects to integrate the subdomains registry
  • partner with/integrate website building projects
  • burn handle.eth