ENS Wayback Machine

Visualize the IPFS content ever associated with any ENS domain.

We are thrilled to introduce that we enhanced the timeline of the ENS Wayback Machine, our decentralized web archive. In this improved version, users will experience:

  • Inclusion of new events on the timeline beyond just content modifications:
    • Details of domain registration and renewals
    • Information of domain expiry
    • Trails on domain transfers
  • Enhanced capability to zoom in and out of the timeline for precision.

Functioning similarly to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, the ENS Wayback Machine equips users to access historical iterations of IPFS content linked with ENS domains. This feature can be useful to researchers, historians, and those intrigued by the nuances of ENS, exploring the progression of Web3, or in efforts to retrieve former content.

By harnessing the unique feature of blockchain where IPFS links remain immutable, our service offers a window to past editions of ENS domains connected to IPFS content.

To illustrate, if one wishes to track the transformation of Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin's personal webpage, it's as simple as accessing vitalik.eth on our dApp. Utilize the header to toggle between different site versions, allowing a chronological visualization of its evolution.

Our upcoming initiatives are focused on both broadening our technical horizon and deepening community engagement. Foremost, we are venturing into establishing our own IPFS node. This step is paramount in our quest to significantly enhance the quality of service we offer through the ENS Wayback Machine.

Additionally, in our bid to foster a more collaborative preservation approach, we're in the process of designing a leaderboard for ENS tokenholders. This platform will empower them to signal which websites they deem most vital for archival. Based on this collective consensus, we commit to pin the top 15 websites, ensuring their enduring presence in the annals of the decentralized web.

As the ENS Wayback Machine continues to evolve, we cherish and rely on community insights and collaborations. We invite all to contribute to our GitHub repository and join hands in our mission. Together, we can meticulously craft and safeguard the rich tapestry of the decentralized web realm.