Layer3: Community Education and Growth Campaign

Campaigns aiming to increase awareness and adoption of ENS

About Layer3:

Layer3 stands as a preeminent web3 education and exploration platform, offering premium content and experiences for both web3 users and developers. Our service and community of over 500,000 high-quality users have made us the preferred platform for more than 100 top web3 projects. Users participate in our immersive quests to discover and learn about Web3 applications and products in the safe and engaging environment of our platform.

ENS x Layer3 History:

Layer3 campaigns have facilitated over 20,000,000 on-chain transactions across more than 15 blockchains, making a significant contribution to the growth of the web3 ecosystem. Our campaigns with a focus on ENS have alone resulted in over 200,000 participations. Here are a few examples of ENS-focused campaigns and their participation rates:

Buy your first ENS: 22,568

ENS Explorer: 14,120

ENS's 6th Anniversary: 4,928

Onchain Identity with ENS: 67,176

Weekend Warrior: ENS, Aave & CoW Swap: 4,549

Rep your ENS on Twitter: 3,000

ENS Explorer: Register a Subdomain: 10,510

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the only decentralized naming service embedded in Layer3 user profile settings and is used as the default profile name when a user imports their ENS domain:


As a result of the Layer3 campaigns, nearly 50,000 unique users have purchased or imported an existing ENS domain name and connected it to their Layer3 profiles. With a community of over 500,000 unique users, there is still ample opportunity for Layer3 to increase awareness and adoption of ENS.


We are seeking a grant to continue Layer3ā€™s efforts of:

  • Increasing the awareness and educating our community about ENS
  • Driving more adoption for ENS domains and subdomains
  • Encouraging Layer3 ENS holders to engage in the DAO governance

Depending on the size of the grant, we can design and launch:

  • Evergreen Quests hosted on a dedicated ENS community page on Layer3, focused on increasing adoption and importing of ENS domain names
  • Journeys focused on reminding users to extend their ENS registrations
  • Recreate and republish our ENS collection focused on various aspects of ENS ecosystem:
    • Awareness around: ENS Profiles, Subnames, Records, Extending their ENS Name, Editing their Profiles (PFPs, details etc)
  • Drive usage across various use-cases that ENS enables within our own app and spread awareness about others.