SWP.eth: Send ETH to dai.swp.eth, receive $DAI

Headless swaps, whitepaper, DAO launch, and more from TKN!

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šŸŒ… Announcing TKN (Today, September, 2023)

With your support from May's grant, we've shipped the SWP.eth, the TKN Whitepaper, and have begun to bootstrap the TKN DAO!

šŸ“œ TKN Whitepaper

We've outlined the plan to unleash the ticker symbol primitive, grow ENS & crypto, and bring a token symbol to every asset. The TKN whitepaper includes animations, illustrations, mobile formatting, and we hope is generally enjoyable to read. Please give it a tap!

ā†” SWP.eth

Introducing SWP.eth: Send ETH to ens.swp.eth, usdc.swp.eth, or weth.swp.eth to automatically receive $ENS, $USDC, or $WETH in the same transaction. Using the onchain TKN dataset gives SWP.eth the most up to date token configurations.

Here is the current list of pairs:

  • USDC.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 245mm TVL
  • USDT.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 25mm TVL
  • DAI.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 7.8mm TVL
  • WBTC.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 90.64mm TVL
  • wstETH.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.01% ~ 49.58mm TVL
  • cbETH.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 6.68mm TVL
  • rETH.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.05% ~ 8.48mm TVL
  • LINK.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.3% ~ 15.66mm TVL
  • PEPE.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.3% ~ 6.35mm TVL
  • MKR.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.3% ~ 19.23mm TVL
  • UNI.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.3% ~ 31.73mm TVL
  • ENS.swp.eth: Uni V3 0.3% ~ 1.49mm TVL
  • WETH.swp.eth: No DEX, send 1ETH & receive 1WETH

With all tradeable assets coming soon.

We are developing additional "verbs" like bridging, staking, long, & short. Example: Sending ETH to bridge.op.tkn.eth will automatically bridge ETH to Optimism (coming soon).

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šŸ›ļø TKN DAO

Launching the TKN DAO is an important step to securing the TKN dataset, and allowing multigenerational operation.
Please visit claim.tkn.xyz to claim your share of TKN governance. Everyone in the ENS community should be eligible!

šŸ’œ Thank you ENS for your continued support šŸ’œ
We're looking foward to accelerating the adoption of ENS, and crypto generally.

šŸ’„ Massive Update (May, 2023)

With your support from last month's grant, we've shipped substantial updates and features:
TKN intends to build on top of ENS to create public onchain infrastructure for all of crypto.

iOS Application | Now available

iOS Screenshot

Web Application Redesign

web app screenshot

Token Search

token search

Portfolio View


Detail View


Documentation | Docs.tkn.xyz


New Tkn.xyz URL

ENS's Native Token Database (April, 2023)

ā‰ļø Problems

  • Most all dapps and wallets today use centralized token lists.
  • DWeb users don't know where to find decentralized frontend interfaces for their favorite dapps

šŸ‘‹ Introduction

App: Visit Tkn.eth.limo to view and submit updates to the database.
DWeb: View the frontend UI for any dapp with a decentralized website: uni.tkn.eth.limo
TKN is onchain: TKN utilizes ENS subdomains (of tkn.eth) to create a democratized, onchain tokenlist for all of crypto. (Example: uni.tkn.eth resolves all of $UNI's metadata)
TKN belongs to everyone: TKN allows anyone to submit improvements to the dataset, while verifying all changes
ENS is powerful infrastructure: TKN intends to demonstrate ENS's ability to host other protocols, as a foundational lego

šŸŒ Scope

Just as ENS is multichain, TKN intends to organize all ticker symbols across all crypto ecosystems.

šŸ“ø Product Screenshots:

Web App Web App ScreenshotEditing Interface
Web App Editor
Mobile App
Mobile App Screenshot
Decentralized Frontend
Decentralized Frontend Screenshot

šŸ—ļø Developers

Documentation: https://docs.tkn.xyz/developers/querying-the-tns-dataset


šŸ’µ Utilization of funds:

1 Eth will directly fund a 50% increase in tokens in the tkn.eth dataset.

Social Media

Discord: https://discord.gg/dEc9GHjKUP
Twitter: twitter.com/TokenDao_
Github: github.com/TickerDao
Thank you ENS! šŸ’œ