Ethereum News by @ethdaily

An Ethereum news roundup podcast.

About Us

Gm frENS! ETH Daily is a daily podcast that covers the latest in Ethereum. Our objective is to keep listeners informed across the ecosystem, including core project updates, network upgrades, security incidents, and scaling improvements. ETH Daily has been live since July 2022 and has reached an average of 10,000 monthly audio downloads via the podcast, in addition to 225 subscribers via email.

Why Us

Our podcast covers to-the-point updates from reputable projects (including ENS!). ETH Daily has remained free-to-consume and is non-rival. Over the past 14 months, we have delivered 300 daily briefings in audio and text form to our listeners. This podcast is not profitable and the content has been provided as a public good to the ecosystem.

ENS Benefits

As our presence expands, the impact of our news brief will grow. Periodically, we incorporate ENS updates into our podcast, such as the ENS Name Wrapper. ENS stands to gain from this ongoing outreach to new users. Our daily brief plays a crucial role in raising awareness about emerging projects within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Grant Use

This grant will provide support for covering various expenses, including software and services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Descript, Libsyn, and Ghost. Over the past year, these expenses, along with hardware and production costs, have been personally funded.