Scry Permissionless Oracle Infrastructure

Allowing anyone to run their own oracles

Scry allows anyone in the space to run their own fully independant, self owned oracles, from the node to the contract/signer and even with a front end. The ideas to move the space from monolothic providers where feeds are secured by like 16 signers that are just shell companies, with no granularity or control over WHO you source your data from, to a free market model, with tools where anyone can deploy, run oracles that are fully independant and request from oracles independantly, specific to the oracles/signers you choose to use. Scry creates a real decentralized model for the data that secures the entire space and allow devs to access groundbreaking new tools that have been built from the ground up. We are fully self funded with no VC funding or external funding at all (we received a locked OP grant but that only unlocks in 1y.)

TLDR -Crosschain data for any EVM compatible chain and any contract/data -Autonomous oracle system where devs can self deploy own feeds/oracles and use custom signers for permissionless, decentralized and secure deployment with self-controllable feed creation using custom APIs for rapid development -Use any API with a highly robust parse engine, the parse for the json to be expected and basic info and the feed will be ready to use and submitted on chain by all signers. -Data lookup for historical data for all feeds natively, allows for both immutable data access, TWAP construction and onchain analytics. -Allows for various monetization structures at a feed level, oracle providers can charge for certain feeds to earn revenue as well as provide others for public use, subscription models for data requests at the feed level and oracle level. -Anyone can run a data provider and earn fees from requests -Creates a data market and lets devs choose their oracle sources at the signer level and batch many for redundancy -Any API endpoint in realtime for any data -Custom highly secure VRF with simple verification -0 Code setup and deployment, takes <60s to set up and have an operational node -Out of the box nodes, contract deployment and verifiers and front end

Our docs showing all the tools available

Some other open source and permissionless tools we've built