Gravity DAO

We facilitate conflict management and trust creation in DAOs.

Gravity DAO carries the flag of Conflict management and trust creation in DAOs with a unique and special approach to alternative dispute resolution, de-escalation, self-management, prevention, and trust creation inside communities. We offer a Toolbox with Ex Ante and Ex Post comprehensive processes that solve very special needs for sustainable systems.

We have been running for 3 years, with transparency and accountability over the treasury, using Dework, with more than 200 tasks reviewed to over 30 contributors.

We have supported the governance of multiple communities by increasing their individual and collective competence to deal with conflict.

We have delivered 5 social skill boot camps called "Graviton Trainings" with workshops, simulations, and real-world case studies to ensure community members are well-equipped to promote cohesion, communicate, and look for solutions, even when facing disagreement. We certify the training with weekly POAPs and a special Graviton Generation POAP for those who come to at least 80% of the lessons. Here you can see the family of poaps we have minted so far

We contribute to the public good through research, continued education activities, development of the common ground between soft sciences and Web3, open-source social tooling and content creation, transparent management of resources, and supporting the development of standard DAO practices for healthy communities.

We also created a Free Online Course that can be taken asynchronously 24/7 by any enthusiast of the field on our page.

At this point, we have mediated over 35 conflicts in DAOs and trained more than 50 “Gravitons” to be active ambassadors within public goods communities such as TEC, Giveth, Commons Stack, Trusted Seed, Aragon, and Optimism.