dm3 - the web3 messaging interoperability protocol

Revolutionizing Messaging with Web3. Leveraging ENS for seamless communication profiles.

The dm3 protocol is a lightweight web3-based messaging protocol. It's designed for secure end-to-end encryption, decentralization, scalability, and interoperability. Essentially, it’s our aim to shape a decentralized messaging ecosystem where users enjoy full control, security, and flexibility.

Having established the protocol's core protocol (the dm3 message transport protocol), we focus on 3 essentials:

  • The dm3-registry leveraging ENS, allowing users to attach their dm3 profile as an ENS text record,
  • A decentralized network of delivery service nodes acting as message relays,
  • Providing a layer-0 protocol to enable interoperability.

Our vision with dm3 is not just about creating another messaging app. It's about setting a standard for web3 messaging, ensuring users have a seamless experience, irrespective of their chosen dApp or protocol.

On this journey, we initiated the Interoperability Initiative. An invitation to dApps, other messaging protocols, services, and users, urging them to integrate with dm3. Why? Because we believe in a world where interoperability shouldn’t be an exception but a norm.

To enable more users to utilize their ENS name to publish their dm3 profile, we developed Resolvers connecting Layer 2 (like Optimism) and cloud services into ENS (using CCIP). Besides our own usage, these resolvers can be used for any other application as well.

What's New with dm3?

Project Milestones & Funding:

We're proud to say our project has been backed in differents grants so far. A detailed breakdown:

  • 30k from ENS Ecosystem Grants, 50,000 OP locked tokens from Optimism Governance, 5k from Gitcoin Rounds, and 21,000 OP from RetroPGF.
  • Since our last grant round, we've achieved significant milestones, including the development of the ENS Resolver for Optimism and Cloudservices. More on that here.
  • At EthPrague, over 1,000 participants interacted using our LiveChat on Streameth.


We’re not working in silos; collaboration is in our DNA. That’s why we've continuously engaged with the ENS community and the ENS labs team, and many more ... Our open-source protocol envisions messaging as a public good, and we currently support different ecosystems including Ethereum and Optimism. We've showcased our dedication and are excited to continue this journey with the ENS community.

We'd love to hear from you!

  • Chat with Us Directly: Have feedback, ideas, or queries? Reach out to us via dm3 chat at help.dm3.eth. Your insights are invaluable! Stay Updated on Twitter: For real-time updates, news, and discussions, follow us on Twitter.
  • Meet Us IRL: Nothing beats face-to-face interactions! If you're attending Zebu Live or Devconnect, come say hi. We’d be thrilled to connect and exchange ideas.
  • Join Our Telegram Group: For more informal chats, updates, or to connect with our entire team and community, hop into our Telegram group.