Digital Freedom with Decentralized Web3 Storage

TL;DR: Fairdrive offers a decentralized storage solution, ensuring individuals have complete control over their data. It's not just a storage space; it's a movement towards a fair data economy, merging the convenience of web 2.0 with the security and privacy of blockchain.

Description: Developed with the ethos of the Fair Data Society principles, it challenges the norms of surveillance capitalism. While digital identity solutions have been evolving, the question has always remained - where to securely store this data? Fairdrive is the answer.

Unlike the cloud storage owned by data giants, Fairdrive provides a censorship-resistant space free from corporate or governmental oversight. With your private key, you are in full control. Your keys, your data.

How it Works: At its core, Fairdrive is a decentralized "Dropbox" or "Google Drive", and for developers it’s a white-label solution to create data rich dapps easily. Instead of sending your data to private servers, with Fairdrive, your data goes straight to your personal space, encrypted on Swarm, a decentralized storage system, ensuring utmost security and privacy.

With the Fairdrive desktop app, this experience continues seamlessly into your operating system, just like any other cloud storage, but with the added benefits of decentralization, privacy, and digital freedom.


Elevating the Web3 Ecosystem with Fairdrive

Developers can easily fork fairdrive and customize it to their needs, saving time developing a data wallet. Moreover, as Fairdrive is built on top of fair data protocol, interoperability between apps comes out of the box for free.

Fairdrive is becoming an ecosystem. With its capacity to interact with various (d)apps, it ensures that data generated is "automatically routed to a secure space", eliminating traditional data vulnerabilities.

Awards & Recognition

Our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Fairdrive has been recognized by MyData Global, an international nonprofit championing digital rights. We've been honored with the MyData Award in 2021, 2022, and 2023, a testament to our commitment to creating a human-centric data ecosystem.


Join the Fairdrive movement. Reclaim your digital freedom, own your data, and be a pioneer in the transition to a fair data economy.

1. Open-Source & GitHub Activity:

Fairdrive is open-source, allowing developers to fork and customize. Its white-label solution suggests regular and meaningful GitHub activity.

2. Ethereum/Web3 Focus:

  • Fairdrive utilizes Swarm, a decentralized storage linked to the Ethereum/Web3 realm.
  • It supports decentralized apps, strengthening its ties to the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Its core tenets of individual data control and challenging surveillance capitalism resonate with Web3's ethos.

3. Mission Progress:

  • Fairdrive champions a fair data economy, indicating clear progress towards its mission.
  • Its user-friendly desktop app and consistent recognition by MyData Global highlight its ongoing contributions to a human-centric data ecosystem.

In essence, Fairdrive aligns closely with the Web3 OSS grant criteria through its open-source nature, its integration with Ethereum/Web3 technologies, and tangible achievements.