PayrollWTF w/ gasless ENS subnames via NameStone

dApp facilitating payroll for Businesses & NGOs using gasless subnames via NameStone

What is payrollWTF

PayrollWTF is a payroll system that utilizes gasless subnames via NameStone to issue identification and payment addresses to employees & contractors etc. of a business, DAO & any other nonprofit or for profit organization

How does it work?

  1. Organizations issue( or revoke ) subnames to its employees or contractors.

  2. Employees use their accepted personal or business email, wallet address or an ENS to verify & claim the subname. Smart ( AA ) wallets are created for the users to hold the subnames upon verification. The subnames can be later transferred* to a more suitable safe.

  3. On the organization’s schedule, payments go to the claimed( & resolved ) subnames; all the remaining subnames pending claim are noted for the manual payment claim on a later date.


PayrollWTF introduces web2 and web3 organizations to some of the more brilliant real world use cases and utilities for ENS and crypto in general by unlocking easier and more efficient ways to:

  • Deliver salary to remote( especially offshore ) & in-office workers
  • Keep public organizations accountable, etc.


In these past three months prior to development of PayrollWTF, I have been working on subENS. The platform provides wrappers for pricing (in ETH or any ERC20 token w/ allowlist provisioning) ENS subdomain rentals. My experience working with subdomains will be transitioned into this next build! Here are some links to follow to learn more: