Creative tools powered by artist-trained AI models

What are we building?

SOURCE is an image editor and publishing tool powered by artist-trained AI models. Our image tools make it easy to edit, combine, and remix imagery with unique artist-trained models from Zora, Felt Zine, and 20 others. Meanwhile, our publishing tools help you monetize your work by publishing as a new collection, where we programmatically attribute and split on-chain proceeds with all sampled models and media. At TITLES, we aim to help artists own and monetize their AI likeness while simultaneously giving everyone access to AI-powered creative tools and media — all for free.


Case Study — Zora Model:

Last week, in partnership with Zora, we launched a custom-trained 'Zorb' generative model. Zorbs are a popular memetic icon in the NFT space that people often use to create derivatives. Since the launch, we've had over 50 collections produced using the model, and Zora has received 0.5 ETH in earnings from the use of this model. This is exciting because it shows a clear example of how artists can provide their own custom models, retain attribution, and earn from their usage. You can mint the asset featured on the right: https://titles.xyz/collect/zora/0x5e909ed565297bce224dff1b781b51791a57058b


How does this benefit ENS?

Our products and protocol leverage Ethereum as the rails for personal identity and on-chain attribution + payments for published creative works. Our tooling provides increasing awareness and utility for ENS as a naming function for both traditional use cases like usernames, in addition to new use cases like attribution addresses for on-chain AI models. In other words, we're building consumer products that scale the visibility and utility for ENS tooling.

Why us?

We’re an experienced team of consumer product builders from companies like Apple, Amazon, and Nike and more. Our product is not theoretical. We've launched, proven our thesis, and are beginning to scale our tooling. Meanwhile, we’ve attracted collaborations with notable projects such as Zora and Splits. We view this opportunity to further collaborate with the ENS ecosystem and build a long-term relationship.

How we’ll use the grant:

The grant will fund the continued research and development of the TITLES protocol and creative tools. Our expenses consist almost entirely of team salaries. We have a clear roadmap and a series of upcoming projects that push forward the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our team:

Soren Wrenn — Co-founder and CEO. Soren leads product design, marketing, and partnerships at TITLES. Before starting TITLES, he spent 2 years investing at Betaworks Ventures.

Parker Seagren — Co-founder and CTO. Parker leads contract development and back-end work at TITLES. Before starting TITLES, he worked at Amazon and before that ran technology at a food delivery company that scaled to over 25 markets.

Niall McCormack — Product Engineer. Niall works across consumer facing products and AI tooling at TITLES. Before joining TITLES he was an engineering lead at companies like Apple, Nike, and R/GA.


Download: https://www.titles.xyz/download) Twitter: https://twitter.com/titlesxyz Website: https://www.titles.xyz