Giveth - Building the Future of Giving

Empowering those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world.

TL;DR is an incentivized web3 donation platform. Our vision is that giving is frictionless and people are rewarded for making a positive impact.

How is giving on Giveth different?

  • Zero-fee donations to anywhere in the world.
  • Donors to public good projects get rewarded with 50-80% of their donation back in GIV tokens.
  • We reward donors & token holders for staking while empowering them to curate the platform by helping their favorite projects rank better, have more visibility and get more benefits.

Our impact:

In numbers:

  • 1.9+ Million USD donated.
  • 21,300+ total donations.
  • 6,000+ unique donors.
  • 2,600+ projects created.
  • 1,400+ projects verified.

More detailed data on the Giveth Dashboard.

In stories:

Saving lives: More than $250,000 USD was donated to reputable nonprofits in Ukraine and Turkey for humanitarian aid.

Changing lives:

  • Land trusts in North America & Latin America for earth regeneration.
  • School supplies for kids in Nigeria.
  • Skateboarding to give kids a sense of community & belonging in Brazil.
  • Community currencies in Kenya.
  • UBI experiments.
  • And much more...

What has Giveth accomplished in 2023?

  • Deployed on 5 networks: Ethereum, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon & Celo. Now you can donate to your favorite projects on your favorite network. More networks will come soon.

  • Created permissionless referral links. Anyone can share their projects with their unique referral link. Referrers are rewarded with 50% of the GIVbacks from the donors in the first two rounds.

  • Launched our Quadratic Funding Alpha Round.

  • Secured 150K+ for future quadratic funding rounds in the last 2 months.

The end game.

We aim to help not-for-profit (or rather yes-for-community) projects create Regenerative Economies as a sustainable, antifragility & growth mechanism that makes public good projects investable, as well as less dependent on grants and donations by tokenizing their impact.

What will more funds help us build?

  • More quadratic funding rounds on Giveth.

  • Scale efforts to bring more public good projects to Giveth.

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