A gateway to network & communities.

Unitap is building the smoothest onboarding experience to go from zero to one in web3 with rewards instead of costs.


Onboarding to web3 is hard & it’s blocking the adoption of new users to crypto. The UX when onboarding to web3 is just bad.

  • You can’t do anything without gas. Bridges & onramping solutions are usually a pain for users & many people get discouraged in the process due to the high friction.
  • New users don’t know what they can do on new networks.
  • There are many different networks. Information about their differentiation is fragmented & there are few incentives to explore new ecosystems.

A better onboarding UX is needed to yield more adoption of web3.


Unitap is a one-stop shop to onboard new UNIQUE users to web3. Users will be able to learn how to use web3 through bite-sized learning journeys with onchain challenges & rewards. We are removing frictions from the equation, users can claim gas tokens on Unitap to get set up to do the onchain challenges.

The key products of Unitap are:

  • Gas Tap. Sybil-resistant gas faucets. New crypto users can start using new networks frictionlessly. No need to bridging or onramping.
  • Token Tap. Sybil-resistant token claiming tool based on customized criteria. Anyone who fulfills the criteria can claim any kind of tokens such as community tokens, NFTs, UBI token.
  • Prize Tap. Sybil-resistant tool to join raffles based on customized criteria. Anyone who fulfills the criteria can participate in raffles for win larger rewards.
  • Learn Tap. Learning journeys to take new users from zero to one in web3.

Unitap in numbers.

  • 80,000+ total claims
  • 30+ Networks
  • 200+ Unitap passes sold (premium account) at 0.1 ETH
  • $3,000+ USD Distributed fairly

Progress in the last quarter.

  • Token Tap Beta version released.
  • Prize Tap Beta version released.
  • Learn Tap is on development.

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