A privacy-first social identity network.

The world needs a way to prove unique digital identities.

BrightID is a public good that exists for the benefit of humanity. It is a nonintrusive, decentralized, and open-source technology seeking to reform identity verification--and thus lay the groundwork for a free and democratic society. Today there is no entity or network on earth that can provide it. BrightID keeps fake users out

How it works?

BrightID is a social identity network that enables individuals to authenticate themselves as unique users with control over a single account. We do this through the creation and analysis of a social graph. It requires no personal data from users other than the anonymous graph of connections.

We are creating an open-source, decentralized, global network to prove unique digital identity.

Use cases

  • Distributing universal basic income.
  • Enabling digital democratic voting.
  • Improving polling, rating, and reviews.
  • Combating bots on social media.
  • Sharing anything equitably.

Bright ID stats

  • 18 supported apps.
  • 100K+ users.
  • 8 nodes

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