Gitcoin Passport Plugin for Discourse

Protecting Discourse forums against sybil attacks

Sybil attacks are so damn annoying!

We are making it possible for Discourse communities to protect themselves against sybil attackers.

What does this mean?

Discourse polling without a worry

Discourse polls and temperature checks can easily become pointless if a person creates multiple accounts and votes on the same poll.

You may think this is far-fetched but actually this has already happened before. Check out this forum post in the BanklessDAO Discourse forum.

Running Quadratic Funding on Discourse

Imagine being able to run a quadratic funding round (like Gitcoin Gitcoin) straight from within Discourse.

Yes, this is possible. Gitcoin's Allo Protocol is open-source and permissionless and we might just create a Discourse plugin for it if we see enough support.

Community experience of not having to deal with useless spam

If you're a community leader, you have probably spent a significant amount of time fighting spammers and grifters and keeping your community safe.

The Gitcoin Passport plugin automates this for you!

If this piqued your interest

  • Here are some docs on how to setup the plugin.
  • Here's a tutorial of how to set it up and how it works.