Education about Web3 in Brazil (@ModularCrypto)

Empowering the Brazilian Portuguese-speaking community with education about blockchain & web3.

About Us

Modular Crypto is a dedicated media organization committed to delivering trustworthy content about crypto in Portuguese. Our mission is to guide our audience toward taking the "next step" into the world of decentralization. Our content production includes:

  • "The State of Ethereum": We produce a weekly Ethereum Show, where we delve into the latest developments in Ethereum, covering network upgrades, the status of Layer 2 solutions, client and staking distribution, and other Ethereum-related news.
  • "The State of DeFi": Is a show that explores and disseminates information about DeFi protocols and updates within the decentralized ecosystem.
  • Interviews: Every week, we release a podcast featuring guests from the web3 space, covering specific topics such as zero knowledge, DVT...
  • “Modular News": We produce a daily (mon-fri) audio podcast providing up-to-the-minute news and updates within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Newsletter: Our newsletter contains in-depth research on various topics and keeps readers informed about the latest developments in web3. Modular Crypto currently has more than 800 newsletter subscribers and over 5,000 monthly podcast listeners.

Why Choose Us

Modular Crypto stands out as one of the few dedicated crypto media organizations in Brazil. We provide insights and analyses from reputable web3 projects, including ENS. In under five months, we've published over 100 podcast episodes, covering a wide range of content, from daily news and interviews to our weekly Ethereum Show and DeFi discussions. Additionally, we've produced more than 25 articles spanning various subjects and news within the web3 sphere. At the moment, all our content is freely accessible, serving as a valuable public resource for Portuguese speakers interested in learning about crypto and blockchain. We already try to cover all news regarding ENS in our podcasts. Periodically, we incorporate ENS updates into our content, discussing topics like the automation of ENS Renewal and the role of ENS on Layer 2 solutions. Our content helps bridge the language barrier for the Portuguese-speaking community, making ENS content more accessible.

Grant Allocation

This grant will provide essential support for covering our operational expenses, including compensating our team members and acquiring essential software and services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, StreamYard, Riverside, and others. Up to this point, all costs associated with Modular Crypto have been self-funded.


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