Solow 🐽

Crypto academy & community from LATAM. Fun, easy and free.

About Solow

The ecosystem needs builders. We address this problem by helping people move forward in crypto. How? With education: Solow is a 100% free crypto academy in LATAM. Yes, 100% free. Focuses on builders and is open to anyone who wants to join us in making crypto better.

Solow Today

We organize our efforts under a few key initiatives:

  • Solow Content: we have a free open platform with more than 60 gamified courses, a newsletter, a YouTube channel, and a blog. We deliver around 5 pieces of high-quality content every week.

  • Solow Academy: we organize free live courses on YouTube. Each course is around 15/20 hours long and features the best teachers in Latam. We’ve done courses on Crypto basics, Solidity, and Crypto Infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

We've been working for over 2 years, impacting more than 30,000 souls on the way. Free live courses, educational games, hackathons, tutorials, articles, learn-to-earn campaigns, and basically every possible educational format you can think of. And we'd love to keep doing it.

Our Numbers

We have created more than 60 courses on our open platform and have more than 7000 hours of playback on our YouTube channel.

  • Duolingo-like course platform (+60 courses, entirely free, +5.5k users).
  • Discord (+3.2k people).
  • Weekly newsletter (+7k people).
  • Free live courses & content on Youtube (+30k views, +7k hours of playback)


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