A coordination game to thrive individually & collectively.


Metagame is a DAO building a massive online coordination game about finding the most optimal ways to play life on a personal AND collective level.

What is our goal?

Metagame is onboarding builders passionate about making a better world into Web3.

We are bringing changemakers through the narrative of Web3 being here to help us build new kinds of socioeconomic systems & organizations.

How will we use the funds?

Our plan is to revamp the UX and the user journey and add lots of new content that was recorded at MetaFest 2023.

This new iteration of the onboarding experience will be launched on Quest Chains, the first DAO incubated by MetaGame. The learning journey would be gamified through quests and any DAO would be able to launch their own quests, while questers will generally be those people passionate about making a better world and are onboarding to web3. Questers will be rewarded through NFTs, SBTs and attestations to showcase their newly acquired skills in their profiles.

What’s our track record?

Thousands have accessed content through our newsletter & podcasts since 2019, dozens have been onboarded to web3 through our meetups & conferences. Many of them went from being complete newbies to understanding the bigger picture of Web3 & working on big projects. We are already being successful, but we want to scale our impact.

We have a ready-made gamified platform to bring new crypto users through the narrative of web3 as a tool to build a world we would like to live in, through new socio-economic games & systems.


Disclosure: We got a Builders grant from Optimism. However, the OP tokens will be locked for a year & we need funds to keep building.