Accelerating the visibility of diverse professionals in the industry

What is SI HER

SI HER is a talent collective for women & non-binary professionals in emerging tech and web3. Despite being an industry aiming for decentralization and democratization, present industry stats show:

  • 3% of web3 company founding teams encompass all women

  • 93% of web3 founders are men

  • 73% of web3 companies’ entire workforce are men

  • 88% of technical roles at web3 companies are held by men

  • BCG X study, Feb 2023

We have created SI HER with tools and resources to accelerate the professional development and visibility of our members in the industry.

Our Offerings

A decentralized website with ENS domain. Here is our Founder Kara Howard's as an example:

Each of our members create their own website via our template and integrate a siher.eth subdomain (ie name.siher.eth).

This is a unique product in the market and also includes the ability to livestream directly from one's website with Livepeer's peer-to-peer video broadcasting functionality.

In addition to our decentralized sites, we support our members in thought leadership, press and public speaking opportunities.

Finally, we have a product/market fit lab for sharing products and services, and a Current$i DeFi investing channel to support our members in being more comfortable in crypto and DeFi.

Our Team

Kara Howard, Founder @ The KI and SI HER Talent Collective Leader. Kara has been a community builder for women in tech for over 10 years and has placed over 350 women in speaking opportunities.

Tonia Vincent, Professional Brand Educator.

Raina Kalhan, Confidence Coach.

Trish Lindo, Senior Creator Manager at LinkedIn.

Our Members


"From day one at SI HER, I felt supported and cared for. Kara and the team's genuine attention and personalized approach have made all the difference in my journey. They truly listen, understand, and uplift. As a creator, the knowledge, perspectives, and strategies I've gained are invaluable to keep building my brand. SI HER goes beyond talk by embodying web3 principles in their platform and daily performance, setting them apart. If you're a creator seeking a holistic and authentic approach to brand-building in the web3 world, SI HER is a fantastic place to be. Thank you, SI HER, for shining as a guiding star in this web3 universe! 🌟."


"I find immense value in being surrounded and supported by successful women who share my passions. I believe that our potential for shaping the future with technology is limitless, and it's only our limiting beliefs that hold us back. This platform gives me the opportunity to challenge those beliefs, find my own voice, and tap into my full potential."

Support Our Growth

An ENS small grant will support us in being able to offer scholarships to SI HER for our Women in DeFi partners in Africa and their members:

We are excited to showcase diverse, global web3 members with their own decentralized website and ENS domain. Developing one’s web3 professional profile and sharing across social networks is a clear pathway to onboarding and accelerating one’s potential for representation and inclusion in the industry.

Grant fees will also support our developer costs in delivering the decentralized websites to our members and building an automated template editor tool integrating their ENS domain.

Thank you for SI’ng Us!!