Metaverse for space engineers to design and run Lunar Settlement powered by web3

LunCo addresses Real World issue of Space Engineers but in a web3 way. At it's core LunCo is an opensource simulation tool to plan Space missions, ultimately - Settlement on the Moon.

Engineers would be able to design the missions in the metaverse and share it with using web3 tools, like issuing IP-NFT for the published design.

Such a tool would not only decrease the cost of space missions, but also will onboard space engineers into web3, literally bring crypto beyond Earth Orbit.

Decentralized engineer's profile could be tied to ENS name and used for access management e.g. sharing the design with certain ENS names.

LunCo is supported by regen community on and participated on Gitcoin GR15 DeSci, Alpha Round OSS, Beta Round DeSci, and GG18 OSS rounds, and overall raised ~$30k

Don't forget to check our Github.

The first collaborative exploration of Langrenus crater already happened, binary build is expected in 2-4 weeks.